Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Video Game Designer Singapore

Video Game Designer Singapore

We are freelance 3D Video Game Designer base in Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark That Provides 3D Video Game Design

3D Video Game Designer

What we are capable to design your game


This is the first rule. We will help you to design an entertaining game. Because of the main rule of any games you can easily recognize a good designer among the bad one.

Sex and violence

We are able to make a balance between sex and violence in your game. Of course we will consider Islamic attitudes and native old traditions. However the old and native motifs are important in the game designing the modern attitudes in the game designing is important.

Hidden aspects like laziness

Games are dangerous because they can easily seduce you to be lazy. We will help you to reduce these facts in the game and instead user involve to a exiting and brain blowing game.


Experiencing new worlds and unidentified places can easily gain attention. We will help you to create a game that involves users to a realistic adventurous.

Feeling reality

We are able to simulate the real world. This is the main reason why video games have created. This feature will help users experience excitement in a safe place. They want to fell like it is really. And they can shoot monsters and save people.

Dangerous situation

Simulating dangerous situation is one of our professions. Simulations most of the time are not for fun. They are serious matters and needed to be care seriously. We can also create these situations in a game.

Sci-Fi world

And finally we will create a virtual science fiction environment this is the purpose of any game. Your game screenplay might contain some scientific and fictional elements. We can make them for you. It can be a thematic part of your game or a climax element to show the maximum feelings. We can introduce it to you for the best way that it is possible.

Video Game Designer Singapore

Video Game Designer Singapore

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