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Malaysia Animator

Malaysia Animator

We are freelance 2D Animator in Malaysia, 3D Animator in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur ( KL ) that provide 2D and 3D animation design services.

we produce creative, attention grabbing corporate, promotional and animated videos for our clients and partners across the Malaysia and other countries.

Our video production projects include whiteboard, explainer and infographic videos, 3D videos, client testimonials, training videos, broadcast commercials, TV idents, logo stings, bumpers and YouTube intros.

2D 3D Animator Malaysia

Freelance 2D 3D Animator Malaysia

If you are a game producer or you want to promot something and looking for animator designer, our freelance designers are at your service. We provide character modeling, designing 2D and 3D animation for your new games and cartoons or videos.

Animation is one of fast growing need in today world. Once games were usually designed for children but nowadays they draw both child and adult’s attention. Certainly everyone has a few games on his/her smartphone. We see commercial films on TV.


Malaysia 2D 3D Animator

Malaysia Animator

In early days, cartoons were only limited to 2D animation. 2D animation was based on hand drawing pictures. It means pictures are drawn with help of two coordinates, X and Y. Then by moving a series of these pictures, animation is created. Then with advent of technology, 3D animation was created which was far better than previous one. It is more technical and realistic, while 2D animation has its own exponents because of its nostalgia. 3D animation is somehow similar to sculpting whereas 2D animation is based on drawing. Animation is mixture of art and science which impart life to nonliving creatures. Having drawn a series of pictures, animator should put them together in a frame to make moving pictures. Usually around 24-25 pictures are presented per second.

3D 2D Animator Malaysia

Animation is not only used for entertaining purposes. They used in making clips and films, and commercial films. Also they are used for educational films especially for children.

Animator Malaysia

Animator Malaysia

Although technology and various softwares are very helpful to animation industry, pen is more powerful. Mostly designer apply software template in their animation. So creativity is decreased. As a result animation would not be attractive. But people want new things not a repetitive pattern. Up to now, machine or computer have not replaced human mind.

Freelance Animator Malaysia

Our designers’ creative minds along with their innovation will bring you successful marketing with reasonable price.


Malaysia Animator

Malaysia Animator

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