Thursday, 4 June 2015

3D Visualizer Malaysia

3D Visualizer Malaysia

We are freelance 3D visualizer, 3D designer base in Denmark Malaysia and Singapore that provide 3D drawings, 3D visualization, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and 3D design with 3D max.

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Need a 3D modeling of building? Furniture? Device?

3D modeling design, are necessary in creating exterior design, interior design, landscape design, tool design, furniture design, and almost all kinds of industries. Before you begin constructing a building or park, you need to make a picture of it. To get a detailed imagination of project, 3D modeling works a lot. Or if you want to manufacture a new device or tool, 3D modeling would help you to understand how it would works more practically. Also toy and medicine equipment industry needs 3D modeling. To realize new ideas, it’s necessary and economical to visualize the product before manufacturing. Generally, 3D modeling design is done to estimate project cost, time, practicality, usability, exact function, and required components.

As you know, 3D modeling design is done by computer programs. Soft wares are different. Working with some of them, to make 3D model out of a 2D picture, you can choose from existing patterns or insert your own pictures. There are lots of options to move the shapes, add effects, change size and color, add shadow, cut pictures, and mix pictures with each other. In some cases, to design a model, required data should be inserted. You would share your obtained data from researches or experiment with us to model your idea. As we would base our assessment on these models, we design with fit tolerance. We can test it more and more to get a limited range for errors. For optimizing the model, we keep in touch with our clients to investigate the model several times, if needed revise and change it to be more practical.

What do you want for 3D modeling? New generation of automobile? Electronic device? Medicine equipment? Or you have new ideas to manufacture new style of furniture? Dishes? Whatever you need, we are here to help you to realize your new ideas and run your business.

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3D Visualizer Malaysia

3D Artist Malaysia

3D Visualizer Malaysia

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