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We are freelance 2D and 3D Animator designers base in Malaysia and Singapore that provides 2D and 3D Anime / Animation design

2D and 3D Animator

What your animation needs.

Our experiences about a successful 2d and 3d animation making

Animators need all techniques to make the movements acceptable and animate proper. But in experience there are some points that are not easy to learn but need practical observations. We have reached these perfect points and we have used it for many years. Just for introducing our expert’s skills we will tell them compact


Showing weight is a perfect key for being success. All our documents have proved that perfect animations are made by perfect animators who can transfer the weight in a real and artistic meaning. Do not forget that animating is not about showings actions but is about showing the feelings of actions.


In the animation everything might forget but exaggeration. There is a rule that when you stress on an exaggerated movement you will introduce it and make in animated in a real meaning. Exaggeration is not just about movements it’s about the reactions talks and all animating techniques in a period of a scene.

3d understanding

3d and 2d have their own aesthetics. You need to understand it. We as an animators understood that almost all directors are not aware about the aesthetic facts in the 2d or 3d animation. 3d animation is referring 3 dimensions so you have to consider 3 dimensions in your story board. This was an easy sample moving cameras, designing the buildings, considering the shadows during the animating are all different aspects in 3d animating.

Power of feeling transform in 2d

In the 2d animation you can express your feelings more than in 3d. Your workspace is simple and easy to animate but it needs more creativity and more movement understanding.


Fun is important especially when you are making a funny animation. Your character must show its funny aspects even it is not a funny scene.



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