Wednesday, 3 June 2015

3D Toy Designer

3D Toy Designer and Modeler

We are freelance 3D Toy Designer and Modeler base in Malaysia and Singapore that provide 3D design and modeling for toys and products.

3D Toy Designer and Modeler

3d toy designer

Designing toys is simple but without considering our perfect tips it is just wasting money and time. We will show you our power for designing many toy in 3d form and considering any facts that will save your prototype in the market.

Children consideration

We have never forgotten that the toy is for children. Maybe some adults like to play it but our target customers are children. They need to like it we need them to like it. So we have started our research from many years ago to understand the children’s mechanism for liking a toy, what happen when they see a toy, what kind of process happens while they are playing with the toys and so on.

Involving brain

We understood that children mostly like the toys that a little involve their brain. Maybe some of them don’t like it However most of the time when they get use to it they will enjoy more than before. It can be helpful for them to get promotions in their studies.

Using imagination

When we induce children to use their imagination actually we grantee our product to o deep in their heart so we have to consider this tip which is most of the time ignored. A toy no matter what kind of is is a puzzle that a child should fill it with his or her own imagination.

Useful details

Making some details for the toy for example role for a car or road light for teaching the color of the road lights is useful. Never use the unnecessary details that will never help the child to improve his knowledge.


All tips which we have considered is nothing when we cannot attract customers to our product. So the last but not the least tip is to think about an attractive toy. An attractive toy is not complex necessarily. The rules of attraction are not related to the complexity. It can be so simple but so attractive.

3D Toy Designer

3D Toy Designer

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