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Character Designer

Character Designer

Characteristics are the most important factor for designing a character. In all methods this first and important fact has been mentioned. Character designer is character creator and his character should show all personal behaviors in a physical and touchable form.

2D Character Designer Malaysia

3d benefits most of the time is designer’s concern. They want to know what the proper dimension format for their job is. Considering 3d formation for their character is a point that can impress the product in many directions: Aesthetic and the technical. Simply people think the 3d designing is more realistic. But the reality is depended on many different facts. The movie script, the characters and the events can affect the reality rate in a movie.

2D 3D Character Designer Malaysia

3D Character Designer Malaysia

Forming a figure are a point and unwanted deformation is another. Deforming can be under our control till we know the anatomy of creatures. Anatomy is not so complex but it has its own slim points that can totally help or destroy the character. Deforming a character which is under the designer’s control is like walking on a blade.

Malaysia Character Designer

Exaggerations are perfect but you have to be careful. Take care about all aspects; figures and their power. The only chance of having a proper exaggeration is to understanding the character’s ability. Understand the power of the character and his weaknesses.

Character Designer Malaysia

Character Design Malaysia

Always consider dramatic aspects. Learn about all character growing method in a dramatic way. Our team understood that all potentiality is hidden in a character till you discover its visions on the scene, In front of the camera. Dramatization is a knife that will form your character.

Freelance Character Designer

Noting can overcome a Practical character. How we can design them? The first fact is to think practical. This can receive just by experience. This is the key of being attractive.

Character Designer

Character Designer

Character Designer

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