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3D Max Designer Malaysia

3D Max Designer Malaysia

We are freelance 3D Max Designer base in Malaysia and Singapore that provide 3D drawings, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and 3D design with 3D max.

3D Max Designer

3dmax designer’s important tips

We will introduce you our success secrets that will help you to decide better about hireling a 3d max designer for your animation. These below tips are formed by our expert team in many different projects with many different situations and characters. So we tried to collect all our experiences in a assay for you to introduce our self. Do not forget that 3dmax is just a tool the human intelligence is working actually.

Step 1 character design

In this step we will work on our character first.


We are capable to crate many different and complex movements that will help animator to create acts more realistic and artistic. We also have knowledge about the anatomy movement limitations. We will rig the body and create the bones.


Muscle must create by the logical form of the body. We have enough knowledge to create muscle exactly in a realistic form and joint them to the bones. This step forms the body style and all attractive appearances. This step is so sensitive because we have to be stylish and transform our unique style through the body form.


This step is a branch of movement designing but we consider it separately and we will check in the final character designing part because it is so important. We have to consider all joint crucial movements and analyze their logical limitations.

3D Max Designer Malaysia

3D Max Designer Malaysia

Step 2 animation

In this step we will animate our characters.

Actions and reactions

Animating actions and reactions is important and transferring their feelings and also our artistic feelings is the key of being success.

Physics and Dynamics

Fortunately in 3ds max physic laws have been programmed. But sometimes we should program it for some unique cases for example complex movements. The form of movements that show the dynamic activity of the characters is also important. Fast and slow or immediate acts are important for designing.

Step3 environment design

Environment designing is another task that we can handle it. It is curtail that we render all layers separately so it is easy to rendering.

The final step is compositing and getting the final render which need a lot of experience and knowledge.

3D Max Designer Malaysia

3D Max Designer Malaysia

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